Guide to Figoures kai Koukles Puppet Theater: Info, Program & History

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Figoures kai Koukles is a puppet theater in Athens.

The hero, Karagiozi, although a fictional character, is almost a national identity in Greece today. He is the irreverent clown who laughs at authority, outwits the educated, and survives through poverty and strife. For many Greeks there was no time when he did not exist.

Since it was founded in 1999, the puppet theater has offered regular performances that delight young and old alike.

All the important information about the Figoures kai Koukles Puppet Theater is collected here, including its history and address.

What Can I Do at Figoures kai Koukles Puppet Theater?

Karagiozis Athens Tourist Information

Visiting a performance in the puppet theater is a very special experience, even if the performances are only in Greek.

The main actor is Karagiozis. Poor and hunchbacked with an overlong right arm and patched clothes, Karagiozis always appears barefoot. His main interests are eating and sleeping. He lived during the Ottoman Empire with his wife Aglaia and three boys. Exciting stories from everyday life are played. So he experiences various adventures in the plays.

Although he is actually portrayed as an anti-hero, he is at the same time likeable and loved by the children, who, when things get dangerous, call out "Karagiozis watch out!"

In addition to attending a performance, you can admire a small exhibition space and go behind the scenes to see how the figures are made.

Some workshops are also offered.

Admission, Tickets and Guided Tours

The Figoures kai Koukles Puppet Theater is open all year round.

  • Tickets: Tickets can be purchased on site, at the box office or online.
  • Guided Tours: there are no guided tours.
  • Admission: Check this website for more details

Schedule with the current program

There are performances for schools during the week and for the public at weekends.

How Do I Get to Figoures kai Koukles Puppet Theater?

For almost 20 years, the puppet theater was based in Plaka, in the old town of Athens, before finally moving to its new premises in Paleo Faliro, a suburb in south-west Athens.

It is easily accessible by taking the T5 tram line, Amfitheas stop.

History of Figoures kai Koukles Puppet Theater

The Karagiosis shadow theater is an art with a long tradition in Greece, but only came here during the Ottoman rule. The dolls are made using the paper cut technique and are made of thin, brightly colored leather.

Only the alternation of light and shadow on the stage gives the figures drawing and color. They move quickly behind the illuminated screen. The individual parts are connected with cords at the joints, which is why they can also perform strange movements and contortions.

The puppeteer controls them with sticks and imitates their voices.

Founded in 1999, the puppet theater has set itself the task of further developing, rescuing and reviving shadow play. Its founders are Tassos Konstas and Alexia Alexiou, contemporary exponents of the art of Greek shadow theater and puppetry.

Events, exhibitions, performances and seminars are also organized.


  • Address:  Achilleos 90, Paleo Faliro 175 63, Athens
  • Opening Times:  Please refer to this website  for the exact opening times.
  • Public Transport:  Tram line T5, stop Amfitheas  

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