Dolphinarium Menandreio Theater in Piraeus: Events, History, Directions

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The Dolphinarium Menandreio is a theater in PiraeusMostly it is just called Delfinario for short.

What Can I Do at Dolphinarium Menandreio Theater?

Theaters and Concerts
At Dolphinarium Menandreio, live theater plays are performed by well-known Greek actors. 
In the summer months it is also often the scene of large concerts.  

 A stroll through the port of Piraeus, the marinas and the city's markets is ideal when visiting the theater. If you want, you can enjoy a meal in one of the numerous restaurants or the lively nightlife after the visit to the theater.

How Do I Get to Dolphinarium Menandreio Theater?

Dolphinarium Menandreio Theater is located in Piraeus and is easily accessible by metro, green line 1, "Faliro" stop. From there it is about 400 meters on foot.

Entrance, Tickets and Tours

Admission prices vary depending on the performance and are best inquired on the spot.

History of Dolphinarium Menandreio Theater

A summer theater in the form of an amphitheater was once built on a small plot in Neo Faliro.

When the dolphins from the famous Flipper series were due to come as guests in 1972, a specially designed swimming pool surrounded by metal scaffolding was hastily installed. The Dolphinarium also owes part of its name to these dolphins.

In the years that followed, the theater mostly hosted performances related to the sea, famous swimming groups performed, and instead of dolphins, people performed water circuses and synchronized swimming.

Since it was not as successful as expected, the swimming pool was finally dismantled and only the open-air theater remained.

It was named after Menander, a representative of the New Comedy who lived in Piraeus around 300 BC and drowned in a swimming accident in front of his house.

Over the course of time, the theater was rebuilt and expanded several times until it finally had its present form.

In the summer months, large theatrical performances and concerts take place in the open amphitheater, which can seat up to 2,500 spectators.


  • Address: Takti Dilaveri 31, Piraeus 185 33, Greece
  • Pubic Transport: metro, green line 1, "Faliro" stop
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