Guide to Monastiraki Square: Things to Do, Nightlife, Shopping

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Monastiraki District Athens Tourist Information

The central Monastiraki Square in the heart of Athens is one of the must-sees of Athens. It is popular with both locals and tourists from all over the world.

Due to its central location, transport links and quite a few attractions nearby, the area around Monastiraki Square is a good place to stay in Athens.

See here some of the highlights:

1. Wander around

With its colorful streets and alleys lined with stores, historic buildings, cafes and restaurants, Monastiraki Square is a great place for an exploratory walk.

While strolling through the area and admiring the diverse architecture, you can come across quite a few sights that are located near Monastiraki Square. These include the Agora, Hadrian's Library, Tzistarakis Mosque or the charming Byzantine church Panagia Pantanassa.

Often the hustle and bustle of the square is enriched by show performances of street artists or street musicians, which contribute to the unique atmosphere of Monastiraki Square.

2. Go for a Shopping Spree

At Monastiraki Square, shopping fans in particular get their money's worth. The alleys around the square are filled with street stalls, designer stores, jewelry stores, charming boutiques and souvenir stores.

A popular stop is the famous Monastiraki Flea Market in Avissinias Alley, which on Sundays offers a rich selection of antiques, secondhand items and other special objects for sale.

3. Gastronomy & Nightlife

The gastronomic selection is characterized by restaurants, food stalls and taverns serving Greek specialties. In addition, there are quite a few rooftop cafes and bars that offer sensational views of the nearby Acropolis. One highlight, for example, is the rooftop terrace of "A for Athens," which offers a spectacular panorama of the ancient site from its vantage point.

With its clubs and bars, the square is also a popular nightlife destination to explore Athens.

Note:  Due to the crowds and the lively hustle and bustle of Monastiraki Square, you should keep an extra close eye on your valuables here.

How To Get to Monastiraki Square?

  • By Foot: Monastiraki Square is located in the historic Old Town, in the heart of Athens. Several sights such as the Acropolis and the Agora are within walking distance. From Syntagma Square, you can walk to Monastiraki Square via Ermou Street.
  • By Public Transport: Due to the fact that the square has the metro station "Monastiraki", there is a good connection to the public transportation network (metro line 1 or 3). Alternatively, you can take the hop on hop off bus tour to the A 14 "Monastiraki/Thession" station.
  • From Piraeus Cruise Port: Visitors arriving from the cruise port of Piraeus can go to the nearby Piraeus metro station and board the M1 line. A single ticket is sufficient for the 16-minute ride to the "Monastiraki" station.

FAQ about Monastiraki Square

Where is Monastiraki Square Located?

Monastiraki Square in the heart of Athens is located in the old town, right next to the metro stop "Monastiraki". The address is: Agias Eleousis 3, Athens 105 55, Greece.

What Can I Do at Monastiraki Square?

Monastiraki Square offers quite a few entertainment options, whether it is the nightlife, the restaurants and taverns, or the cafes and bars that offer magnificent views of the Acropolis with rooftop terraces.

In addition, the place is popular as a shopping district. There are market stalls with fresh east and vegetables, boutiques with jewelry, clothing and antiques, souvenir stores or even the famous Monastiraki flea market.

Furthermore, many sights are nearby, including the ancient Agora with Hadrian's Library.

Is Monastiraki Square a Good Place to Stay?

Monastiraki Square is not only a shopper's paradise, but also offers a wide range of gastronomic options, a unique flair and a number of attractions within easy reach. The area is very touristy, but still comparatively cheaper than Plaka or Syntagma. Due to the fact that Monastiraki Square is also very centrally located and with the metro station "Monastiraki" offers excellent transport links, the area is ideal to look for a hotel here.

How Do I Get to Monastiraki Square?

Because Monastiraki Square has the metro station "Monastiraki", a good connection to the public transport network is available. The easiest way to get there is to take metro line 1 or 3 to "Monastiraki". Alternatively, you can also take the hop on hop off bus tour to station A 14 "Monastiraki/Thession".

Visitors arriving from the cruise port of Piraeus can go to the nearby Piraeus metro station and board the M1 line. A single ticket is sufficient for the 16-minute ride to the "Monastiraki" station.

History and Facts about Monastiraki Square

Monastiraki Square reflects Athens' checkered past like few other places. Historical sites such as the Agora, the assembly place of the ancient Athenians, are legacies of ancient Athens.

On the other hand, Hadrian's Library, built by order of Emperor Hadrian, bears witness to the era when Athens was conquered by the Romans.

The Ottoman Tzistarakis Mosque represents the time when Greece was under Ottoman rule. At that time, the entire neighborhood of Monastiraki served as the business center of the Ottomans.

The current name of the square Monastiraki means "little monastery" and derives from the Orthodox monastery that once stood here. Today you can still see the church of the monastery, Panagia Pantanassa, here.

Meanwhile, Monastiraki Square is the beating heart of the Greek capital and one of the most popular shopping districts and tourist destinations in Athens.

Contact & Map

  • Address: Monastiraki Square, Agias Eleousis 3, Athens 105 55, Greece
  • Public Transport: Metro 1 or 3, "Monastiraki" stop
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