10 Most Beautiful Parks in Athens [From Botanical Gardens to Hills]

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Nature lovers get their money's worth in Athens. Several parks, green spaces and hills provide an idyllic break from the hustle and bustle of the Greek capital.

Here you will find our list of the most beautiful parks in Athens.

1. National Garden

The most popular location when it comes to taking time out in the greenery is the National Garden on Syntagma Square. As the largest park in central Athens, the former 19th century palace garden is the city's green lung. Exotic plants, lush flowerbeds, ancient ruins and sculptures adorn the National Garden. It also houses a zoological garden with 400 species, a café and an enclosure with wild animals.

2. Pedion tou Areos Park

One of the most beautiful oases in Athens is located just a few meters from the National Archaeological Museum: Pedion tou Areos Park. It was created in honor of the heroes of the Greek Revolt of 1821 and is one of the largest parks in the city. The centerpiece is the central path lined with several marble busts. A picturesque rose bed and the statue of the goddess Athena also attract everyone's attention. At night, however, the park should be avoided.

3. Filopappou Hill

The green Filopappou Hill, along with Nymph Hill and the Pnyx, forms a chain of hills and is a popular recreation area for locals. The 147-meter high hill opposite the Acropolis delights not only with its nature, home to many bird species, but also with a sensational 360-degree panorama of Athens and the Acropolis.

4. Stavros Niarchos Park

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center in the Athens suburb of Kallithea has a 20-hectare park that is open to the public. The park features beautiful green spaces with rich flora, as well as a vegetable garden, playgrounds, an exercise court, a running track and a large chess board. Another bonus is that events and functions are held regularly on the Great Lawn.

5. Lycabettus Hill

Another hill on our list is Lycabettus Hill, which is considered one of the most beautiful viewpoints of Athens. It is especially suitable for a hike. If you climb the winding paths of the 277-meter-high hill on foot instead of taking the cable car, you will be rewarded with birds singing and several beautiful viewpoints, especially in the early morning. Once at the top, you can overlook all of Athens and even Piraeus.

6. Diomedes Botanical Garden

In the suburb of Haidari hides a spacious paradise: Diomedes Botanical Garden. If you want to escape the noise of the metropolis, this is the place for you. Winding paths stretch between exotic plants, ponds and medicinal herbs. The ideal place to relax and picnic.

7. Zappeion

Bordering south of the National Garden is the Garden of the Zappeion, another idyllic place to go in the middle of Athens. The park extends around the imposing building of the Zappeion, where you can also have a look at the same time. The park is characterized by majestic trees, wide boulevards and a large fountain.

8. Strefi Hill

Strefi Hill, located in the alternative trendy neighborhood of Exarchia, invites you to take a relaxing break. The hill, which was used as a quarry until the beginning of the 20th century, is now a popular city park for the local residents. Young people in particular enjoy the peace and quiet as well as the lush vegetation of the hill. For good measure, one can also enjoy beautiful views of the city's rooftops. However, due to crime, Strefi Hill should be avoided after dark.

9. Flisvos Park

A nice place to visit is Flisvos Park at Flisvos Marina. Located in the Athens suburb of Paleo Faliro, the park has a picturesque seaside location and is wonderful for strolling and lingering. While listening to the sound of the sea, you can explore the park's attractions. These include an open-air cinema, a playground for children and an outdoor workout area.

10. Rizari Park

Right in the center of Athens, Rizari Park attracts visitors not far from the Byzantine Museum. The park, with plenty of seating, is an ideal place to pause and relax in the heart of the city. Scattered around are several sculptures overlooked by Mediterranean trees and shrubs.

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