Athens for Kids: 15 Fun Things to Do with Children [with Tickets]

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15 Sehenswürdigkeiten für Kinder in Athen

Athens is world-famous for its rich history, striking architecture and vibrant culture. But did you know that Athens is also a great destination for families with kids? 

From ancient ruins and modern museums to fun activities, there are plenty of attractions that will keep children entertained and engaged. In this article, we've rounded up 15 of the best things to do for kids in Athens.

Whether your kids are interested in history or science, or just want to have fun, there's something for everyone in this ancient and modern city. Grab your kids and let's go!

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1. Treasure Hunt

Athens with Kids - Best Things to Do: Athens Mythology Treasure Hunt in Athens

Go on an exciting journey through ancient and modern Athens with a Treasure Hunt! This immersive adventure combines Greek mythology and interactive puzzles to uncover the secrets of the city. As a united family, assist the goddess Athena in her battle against Poseidon by solving riddles on your smartphone. 

Discover 22 captivating locations, including hidden neighborhoods and iconic landmarks. Engage with the city's history through challenges, and enjoy energizing food tastings of local delights as you strive to complete the mission. An unforgettable exploration awaits for both young and old!

2. Museum of Illusions

Athens Museum of Illusions Boy and Girl Pose in a Room Creating and Optical Illusion

While on a family vacation, it's highly recommended to make a stop at the Museum of Illusions located along the bustling Ermou shopping street. This museum visit allows children to freely engage with the exhibits without the worry of damaging valuable artifacts. Instead, captivating installations, educational games, and mind-bending illusions deliver a delightful and entertaining experience.

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3. Ancient Greek Murder Mystery

Athens for Kids: Ancient Greek Murder Mystery

A remarkable experience that will leave lasting memories for the little ones is a live murder mystery game in Athens. The Ancient Greek Murder Mystery is a family-friendly adventure that takes you back to Ancient Greece in the 5th century BC. Join forces with police officer Nikarchos to solve the murder of Callimachos.

This exciting theatrical experience takes place on a modern rooftop with stunning Acropolis views. Work together to piece together clues, question suspects, and crack the case. With humor that appeals to all ages, a special gift awaits those who successfully solve the mystery. 

4. Toy Museum

Athens Toy Museum Traditional Greek puppet with red hair

Greek traditional puppet hanging against a white wall of a house in Santorini, Greece

An ideal activity for children is a visit to the Toy Museum in Paleo Faliro. Here, youngsters can be enthralled by a vast collection of traditional toys, spanning from antique playthings to contemporary dolls and puppets. In this engaging experience, they also discover the diverse playthings enjoyed by children across various parts of the world.

5. Allou! Fun Park

Allou! Athens Fun Park Ferris Wheel

An exhilarating experience that gets children's hearts racing is the Allou! Fun Park amusement park. As Greece's largest amusement park, it promises endless fun and entertainment for kids of all ages. An array of attractions awaits young adventurers, including carousels, roller coasters, a Ferris wheel, and thrilling rides like the Shock Tower.

6. Family Trip to the Beach

Athens Family Beach Day Boy and Girl Walking on the Waves on the Beach

Pause your exploration of the numerous archaeological sites and museums and indulge in a refreshing beach day. The sandy shores of the Athens Riviera are conveniently accessible within an hour by public transportation. A family-friendly option is Akti Vouliagmeni beach.

Alternatively, consider embarking on a day trip to the nearby islands. Here, children can revel in extensive sea swimming, construct enchanting sand castles, and bask in pure relaxation.

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7. Hellenic Motor Museum

Hellenic Motor Museum Athens Tourist Information

The Hellenic Motor Museum, a hidden gem for young car enthusiasts, offers free entry for kids aged 5 and below. With an extensive collection of classic and modern vehicles, it celebrates intricate craftsmanship and innovation. From vintage to supercars, each vehicle tells a unique transportation evolution story.

Kids can embark on an immersive journey tracing automotive technology's evolution, from pioneers to today's models. Whether they are into contemporary vehicles, design, or automobiles in general, the Hellenic Motor Museum promises an exciting adventure for Athens' kids.

8. Mythology Tour

Best Things to Do with Kids: Mythology Tour

What better way to explore Athens with your kids than through a Mythology Tour for families? This immersive adventure offers an educational and exciting journey that introduces you to the captivating world of Greek mythology against the backdrop of the city's renowned landmarks and lesser-known treasures.

The little ones can uncover fascinating tales of gods and heroes while discovering Athens' historical marvels of antiquitycreating meaningful connections between ancient narratives and the present day.

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9. National Garden

Athens Natural Garden Shaded Arch Walkway

Situated in the heart of Syntagma Square, the National Garden provides a tranquil escape from the bustling museums and attractions. While parents unwind from sightseeing, kids can enjoy themselves and breathe in fresh air within the expansive playground area.

A major attraction here is the enclosure housing exotic animals and the zoological garden, where children can explore a diverse collection of 400 animal species. The fountain, where turtles playfully swim, is also a favorite gathering spot for little ones. Moreover, a delightful café and a dedicated children's library add to the garden's charm.

10. Attic Zoological Park

A popular destination for families is the Attic Zoological Park, east of Athens. It can be reached from the city center in just under an hour by public transport. The 20-hectare site is home to more than 2,000 animals and 400 species. Highlights include the dolphin and bird shows and the world's largest bird collection.

11. Goulandris Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum Display Athens Tourist Information

A captivating destination that combines education and excitement for both children and adults is the Goulandris Natural History Museum, situated in the Athens suburb of Kifissia. 

As Greece's largest natural history museum, it is incredibly child-friendly, captivating young minds with its audiovisual displays, interactive exhibits, and thrilling showcases like stuffed animals. The highlight of the experience is the replica of the 7.16-meter-long Triceratops dinosaur, sure to leave kids in awe.

12. Flisvos Marina

Sunset at Flisvos Marina

Flisvos Marina presents "Volta Fun Town," a haven of play for children up to 12 years old. An array of entertainment choices awaits the little ones here, from a children's castle, maze, and trampolines, to baby go-karts, a climbing wall, and even a swimming pool. Parents can delight in observing their children's joy from the comfort of a café.

13. Hellenic Children's Museum

Get ready for an exciting twist on museums at the Hellenic Children's Museum – it's not just a museum, but a dynamic indoor playground! Bursting with immersive exhibits, lively play zones, and imaginative role-playing games, this place is all about sparking creativity, fostering development, and setting young minds on fire.

While the exhibits are in Greek only, there's no need to worry – there are also activities tailored for non-Greek speakers. Plus, with most staff speaking English, it's a global adventure for all. Situated in the historic Athens Conservatoire building, this vibrant hub is where kids can explore, learn, and let their imagination run wild in a setting that's both fun and enriching.

14. Lycabettus Hill

Nestled in the heart of Athens, Lycabettus Hill presents a fun-filled break from the city buzz. With an enjoyable cable car ride, the entire family can effortlessly ascend the 277-meter-high hill.

Once you reach the top, a mesmerizing panoramic view of the city and the sparkling sea unfolds like a magical story. But that's not all – Lycabettus also boasts a cool café and restaurant where you can grab yummy treats and meals. On top of that, you'll discover a cute church and even an open-air theater – making this hill an exciting and kid-friendly adventure waiting to be explored!

15. Planetarium

Athens Planetarium Dome with Blue Sky and Soft White Clouds in the Background

Embarking on a journey to the celestial realm is a captivating experience for people of all ages. At the interactive Eugenides Foundation Planetarium, nestled in the Athens suburb of Palaio Faliro, kids can immerse themselves in films and cartoons displayed on an expansive 360-degree projection screen. It's an exciting opportunity for both the young and the young-at-heart to embark on an enthralling voyage through the mysteries of the universe.

Bonus: Acropolis Museum

The Acropolis Museum is home to awe-inspiring cultural gems and is an essential stop on any Athens itinerary. That's precisely why families with children also seek to visit it. However, we don't particularly recommend it for families with kids under 7 years old, as the little ones might find it less engaging. 

Nevertheless, if you do decide to explore, we suggest a special guided tour for kids or borrowing a "Family Backpack" to infuse some excitement into the museum visit. This backpack offers interactive activities and games designed for children to enjoy while exploring the exhibits. A standout highlight is the Acropolis model crafted from Lego bricks, which never fails to ignite enthusiasm...

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