Acropolis Research Center: Exhibition, Admission, History

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Acropolis Research Center Athens Tourist InformationAcropolis Research Center Athens Tourist Information

The Acropolis Research Center is part of the Acropolis Museum. It is centrally located in downtown Athens very close to the Acropolis. Here you can find information for your visit to the research center for the Acropolis Museum including how to get there, exhibits and collections, entrance and history.

What Can I Do at the Acropolis Research Center?

Acropolis Research Center
A permanent exhibition at the Acropolis Research Center provides information on the work being done on the conservation and reconstruction of each building.

In another area, the history of the Acropolis, from its formation to the present day, is realistically recreated and you can learn in detail about the development of the famous monuments.

Supported by video material, the collection of exhibits and their history is presented to you in an entertaining way.

Particularly noteworthy are the casts made of the Parthenon, among others, they faithfully reproduce the Trojan War, as well as the reconstructed pediment sculptures and friezes.

Acropolis Museum 
The Acropolis Museum was completed in 2009 and presents only archaeological finds from the area around the Acropolis on an exhibition area of around 14,000 m². The exhibits cover a period from the archaic age to late antiquity. Below the museum is an excavation site which can be observed through the museum's glass floor.

In ancient times, an acropolis was a castle that was supposed to defend the city. The famous Acropolis hill in Athens, which is only 156 meters high, now contains the remains of many buildings from this former fortress, including the Propylaea, the Erechtheum, the Temple of Nike and the Parthenon.

The entire complex, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987, is usually referred to simply as the Acropolis.

In addition to the ruins that can be visited up here, there is also a fantastic view of the city.

How Do I Get to the Acropolis Research Center?

The Acropolis Research Center is part of the Acropolis Museum, which is centrally located in the old town of Athens, about 300 meters south of the Acropolis. It can be easily reached by metro, red line 2, stop "Acropolis".

Trolleybuses 1, 5 and 15, as well as several regular buses, also go near the Acropolis Museum, stop “Makriyianni”.

Entrance, Tickets and Tours

Admission prices for the Acropolis Museum and therefore also for the Acropolis Research Center vary depending on the season. A current overview of ticket prices can be found here.

History of the Acropolis Research Center

Directly opposite the new Acropolis Museum is the hamlet building. The Acropolis Research Center is housed here.

Originally, the building served as the seat of an army hospital and a gendarmerie barracks. It was designed in 1834 by the Bavarian engineer Wilhelm von Weiler, whose name it also bears. The hamlet building is neoclassical in style, in stark contrast to the modern construction of the Acropolis Museum.

In the mid 80's the building was rebuilt and turned into a museum.

Today it houses the Acropolis Research Center.

The history of the monuments from their creation to the present day, casts of the Parthenon and its sculptures, and plaster models of the Acropolis are presented here, among other things.

The exhibits clearly and realistically show what the buildings looked like in antiquity and show the Acropolis hill as it was at the time. Even the roofs that once covered the present-day ruins in and on the Acropolis have been reconstructed.


  • Address: Makrigianni 2-4, Athens 117 42, Greece
  • Hours of Operation: Varies depending on the season
  • Public Transport: metro, red line 2, stop "Acropolis".
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