Guide to the Marina D-Marin Zea in Athens: Top Destinations, Directions, Essential Tips

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Marina Zeas Athens Tourist Information

The luxury D-Marin Zea marina, one of the marinas in Athens, is located about 3 kilometers from the port of Piraeus.

D-Marin Zea Marina is located on the south coast of the Attica Peninsula and at the same time on the north-east coast of the Saronic Gulf.

All important information about D-Marin Zea Marina is collected here, including an overview of the services, top destinations and how to get there

Please note that all information is subject to change. For detailed information please contact the marina directly.

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What Does D-Marin Zea Marina Offer?

Ship at Marina Zeas Athens Tourist Information

D-Marin Zea Marina has a total of 670 berths and can accommodate yachts with a draft of up to 8 meters and a length of up to 150 meters.

Numerous cafés and restaurants invite you to relax, and boutiques and shops to go shopping.

Due to its proximity to Piraeus, the marina also offers numerous entertainment options and a very varied nightlife in its immediate vicinity.

Located in D-Marin Zea, the Hellenic Maritime Museum displays more than 2,500 exhibits arranged chronologically and thematically.

What Is the Infrastructure of D-Marin Zea Marina?

On a total area of around 4,780 m2, the marina offers its guests and visitors the following amenities in addition to the usual standards for a marina.

  • Control Tower monitors the safe entry and exit of boats in the port and their movement within the marina
  • Tennis Courts
  • Swimming Pool

Security at D-Marin Zea

So that all guests and visitors can feel safe, the camera-monitored marina is separated by a security fence and the entry and exit of vehicles is controlled. Within the marina, a surveillance service with vehicle patrols ensures security 24 hours a day, the harbor police are located on the yacht premises.

Where Can I Go from D-Marin Zea?

The archipelagos of the Aegean, the Saronic Gulf and the conical Cyclades, as well as Crete are the most popular destinations served by D-Marin Zea including Kea, Sikinos, Kithnos, Serifos, Sifnos, Milos, Amorgos, Andros, Dhonoussa, Skhinoussa, Iraklia and Koufonisia, just to name a few.

Swimming Pool at Marina Zeas Athens Tourist Information

How Do I Get to D-Marin Zea?

From the center of Athens, bus line 904 goes to D-Marin Zea, the stop is called "Filellinon" 

Green line 1 of the metro goes to the port of Piraeus. Piraeus is the only one of the three ports in Athens that can be reached by metro. The Piraeus stop is the final stop. From there it is only a few minutes by taxi.

History of D-Marin Zea

D-Marin Zea is the most important of the marinas in Athens. Already at the beginning of the 5th century BC. there was a port in the Bay of Zea that once served as a naval base. The fleet of triremes, oar-powered warships from antiquity, were once built here. Even today you can find ruins of the old walls of the base in the marina.

The swimming competitions in the 1896 Summer Olympics in Athens were held in the Bay of Zea, and D-Marin Zea was completely renovated for the 2004 Olympic Games.

The numerous entertainment options in the city of Piraeus, which is directly adjacent to the marina, make it popular with guests and crew alike.

As one of the Greek tourist ports with the highest turnover, the modern and well-kept complex also enjoys a very good international reputation, especially among owners of mega yachts.

Contact & Map of D-Marin Zea Marin

Address: D-Marin Zea Marina, Pireas 185 36, Athen 
Website: D-Marin Zea Marina 

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