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Hauptbahnhof in Athens

In general, train traffic in Greece plays a minor role compared to other European countries. Journeys are long and trains run relatively infrequently. Bus transportation is far more common.

The rail network covers around 2,500 kilometers. The most important junction in the Greek railway network is Thessaloniki, 500 kilometers away from Athens.

The main train station in Athens is called Athens-Larisa StationIt is located a few kilometers before the southern end of the Thessaloniki-Priaeus railway line in the Athens district of Kolonos.


Old Athens Metro Station Athens Tourist Information

The building of the station, opened in 1904, is built in the neoclassical style, the central two-story middle part stands out from the two one-story wings. The facade is decorated with gables and columns.

Although 20th-century remodeling obscured some of the original features, the original style is still evident.

The Athens - Lairsa train station has a side and a central platform as well as various train sidings. Three platforms and four tracks are currently in operation.

Good to Know


TrainOSE is the only company in Greece that operates long-distance passenger transport. The company used to be state-run, but since 2017 it has belonged to the Italian state railway. Today, TrainOSE has 630 employees and runs 350 trains per day, around a third of which are used for regional and long-distance traffic.

Train Numbering

The numbering of the trains depends on the type of trains. The regular trains, which are also the slowest due to the many stops, have four-digit numbers. Express trains have three-digit train numbers and intercity trains have two-digit numbers preceded by the symbol IC.

Athens Metro Station Athens Tourist Information

Timetable with Arrivals and Departures

Arrival Times

You can find the current arrival times with platform information and information about delays here:

Departure Times

You can find the current departure times with platform information and information about delays here: n/

Train Connections

Since 2011, there have been no international train connections from Athens-Larisa station to neighboring countries. International train traffic is handled via the train station in Thessaloniki. Travelers from abroad can transfer to Athens there.

The Athens-Larisa main station is now served by long-distance trains heading towards Thessaloniki, as well as by suburban trains, Proastiakos, which are comparable to the subway.

It also serves as a terminus for regional traffic to Leianokladi, express traffic to Kalambaka and InterCity/InterCity express traffic to Thessaloniki.

The most used route is the Athens - Thessaloniki route with about 5 connections per day. The route takes about 4 hours during the day, the night train takes almost twice as long with a journey time of 7 hours, but is also cheaper.


The long-distance buses from Flixbus usually do not stop at Athens Central Station either.

Flixbus is the largest long-distance bus company serving Prague's main train station. The company was founded in 2012 with headquarters in Munich and in 2019 served approximately 2,500 destinations in 30 countries with 62 million customers.

The green double-decker buses are modern, comfortable vehicles with on-board toilets and free WiFi. Snacks and drinks are sold during the ride.

Piraeus Underground Athens Tourist Information

Public Transport


Line 2, marked red, goes to Athens Central Station and offers a fast connection to the nearby city center. The stop is called “Larisa Station” and has 3 exits, two lead to Diligainni and Philadelphia streets, the third one to Athens Central Station.


In Greek, the commuter train is referred to as Proastiakos. 4 lines of these suburban trains, which are comparable to the suburban railway, go to Athens Central Station. The main one is the Piraeus- Athens Airport line, which connects the port, the main railway station and the airport.

There are also the following lines that go through the main train station Athens-Larisa. 

  • Piraeus-Kiato 
  • Athens-Chalcis 
  • Aigio-Athens

Regional Trains

The regional trains to other cities in Greece start from the main train station Athens-Larisa. The main connection is to Thessaloniki, along with trains to Leianokladi and Kalambak, to name just a few.

Rent a Bus at the Main Train Station

We are happy to help you rent buses for all occasions, including group travel, company outings, school trips, events, and more.


While there are taxi ranks at Athens Central Station, you are advised not to use these taxis and instead call for a taxi or use UBER. Taxis that stop near points frequented by tourists tend to be overpriced and travel far too long.

The basic fee is 1.29 euros, the price per kilometer is 0.74 euros. Standing and waiting times are charged at 11.81 euros per hour.

The night rate applies between 12:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. The basic fee here is also 1.29 euros, but the price per kilometer is 1.29 euros.

Athens Metro Station Entrance Athens Tourist Information

Car Rental

Avance Car Rental, Sixt, Budget, Avis, and other car rental providers have offices at the main train station. Of course you can book your rental car online in advance. The vehicle will then be available to you as soon as you arrive.

Food, Restaurants and Cafes

The gastronomic offerings in the main station are very limited. Small snacks or sweets are usually sold. You are recommended to arrange for the necessary travel provisions before your journey to the main train station.

In the immediate vicinity of the main train station, however, there are a few restaurants that mostly offer Greek cuisine.

Shopping and Stores

A few kiosks and shops sell newspapers, tobacco products and sweets. You can also buy smaller snacks and sandwiches. However, you are advised to do your shopping before heading to Athens Central Station.

Parking and Parking Garage

Right next to the main train station is the main train station, the State Opera and one of the largest parking garages in Prague, the Parking Centrum at Wilsonová Street number 6. One hour costs about 1.60 euros and 24 hours about 25 euros. The parking garage is guarded.

Lockers and Luggage Storage

There are luggage lockers in the Athens-Larissa train station. The area is open every day of the week from 5:00 a.m. to midnight.

The lockers cost about 5 euros for 24 hours.


There is currently no lounge at Athens-Larisa Central Station.


An ATM for cash withdrawals is available at Athens-Larisa Central Station, however you are advised to make cash withdrawals prior to your arrival at the central station as the machine is often not working.

Athens Metro Station Platform Athens Tourist Information

Lost & Found 

The Lost & Found Office in Athens-Larisa Central Station is located at 1-3 Karolou Metaxourgio Street, 10437 Athens and can be reached at +30 14511. It is open daily from 6:30 am to 10:00 pm.

Lost items can be reported here. The form is available in English.


There is no free Wi-Fi at Athens-Larisa Central Station.

Hotels at the Train Station

In the vicinity of the main train station there are numerous hotels in different price ranges, including pensions and bed & breakfast accommodation options. 

Seminar Rooms and Conference Hotels

We will be happy to help you rent seminar rooms for your events or choose a conference hotel that exactly meets your expectations and requirements.

Opening Times

The station building is NOT open 24 hours a day. There are no trains after midnight and the building is usually locked between midnight and 5am.


Address: Central Station Athens-Larisa, 104 44 Athens

Phone:  +30 210-5272000 
Mail: st.athens@trainose/gr

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