Guide to Bus Station in Athens: Overview, Timetable, Bus Connections

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Bus and Taxis in Front of the Parliament Building Athens Tourist Information

Athens is a bustling metropolis with a complex and efficient transportation system.

If you're planning to explore the city and beyond, chances are you'll need to utilize one of its central bus stations. 

In this article, we'll provide you with a comprehensive guide to the bus stations in Athens. From timetables and bus connections to public transport options, ticket sales, and parking facilities, we've got you covered.

We'll also explore the range of services available at the stations, including currency exchange, shopping, and accommodations. 

Let's get started!

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What are the Central Bus Stations in Athens?

Currently, there are two central bus stations in Athens, with a new one currently under construction. See below for a quick overview:

1. Kifissos Central Bus Station

The Kifissos Central Bus Station is also known as Peloponnese Railway Station or Bus Terminal A. Located in the suburb of Peristeri, approximately 5 kilometers northwest of central Athens, it is the busiest intercity bus station in Athens. 80% of all routes are served from here.

Since the bus station is very outdated, it is recommended to keep the stay and waiting times there as short as possible.

2. Liosion Bus Station 

The second central overland station is called Liosion Bus Station and is also known as Bus Terminal B. It is located in the Patisia district of Athens, about 4.5 kilometers from the center.

3. New bus station 

A new, central bus station is to be opened by 2025 in the district of Egaleo in western Athens. All routes in Greece will then be served centrally from this station.

Timetable with Arrival and Departure

The public intercity buses in Greece are organized regionally or according to administrative districts. Each of the 52 governorates in Greece has its own bus company, all grouped under the name KTEL.

Therefore, a nationwide timetable is not available.

Links to all regional companies can be found on The bus timetables can be found on the websites of the individual regions.

Bus Connections

The central bus stations are served almost exclusively by KTEL. With 4,000 buses, KTEL handles 80% of domestic transport in Greece. As a rule, KTEL buses are painted turquoise-cream.

Routes in the Peloponnese and to Western Greece, Epirus, Macedonia and the Ionian Islands are served from Kifissos. Around 12 million passengers are handled annually.

Liosion Bus Station serves routes to Thessaly and central Greece. Around 5 million passengers are handled here every year.

Long-Distance Buses

There are regular bus services between Athens and major cities in the Balkans such as Athens and Istanbul, Sofia, Bucharest and Tirana. There are also bus connections to other European countries, such as Amsterdam, Barcelona, Regensburg, Aachen and Wie, to name just a few. Many of these buses depart from Karaiskaki Square in Metaxourgio, which can be reached by the red Line2 metro, or stop at other stops around the city.

Some go through the airport or stop at Kifissos bus station. However, you should note that the buses really only stop at the stops indicated on the ticket.

Connections are offered by the FlixBus, Megabus, Ouibus, Eurolines and IC Bus lines, and others. Most long-distance buses to Athens have air conditioning, sockets and most have free WiFi. In addition, some bus lines offer snacks and drinks for a fee.

The two central bus stations in Athens are mainly used to handle domestic Greek traffic.

Public Transport

Athens Subway Seat Athens Tourist Information

The bus stations are easy to reach with public transport.

Kifissos bus station is served by bus line 051 from Omonia Square, line 420 connects the bus station to Piraeus port and line X93 to Athens airport.

Bus line 052 connects the bus station directly with the blue line 3 Elaionas metro station.

Liosion Bus Station is served by bus line A10 from Athens Central Station, line 420 connects the bus station to Piraeus Port and line X93 to Athens Airport.

Near the bus station is the Kato Patisia metro station, which is served by green line 1.


Greek Taxi Sign Athens Tourist Information

There are taxi ranks at both bus stations, but you are advised not to use these taxis, instead call for a taxi or use UBER. Taxis that stop near points frequented by tourists are often overpriced and travel far too long.

The basic fee is 1.29 euros, the price per kilometer is 0.74 euros. Standing and waiting times are charged at 11.81 euros per hour.

The night rate applies between 12:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. The basic fee here is also 1.29 euros, but the price per kilometer is 1.29 euros.

Ticket Sales

Each of the 52 bus companies has its own ticket office at Kifissos bus station. You are advised to bring cash with you, as not all companies accept credit card payments.

Parking at the Bus Station

Parking spaces for pickup and visitors are available near the bus stations.

Bus Rental

We are happy to help you rent buses for all occasions, including group travel, company outings, school trips, events, and more.

Currency Exchange

There are ATMs at both bus stations.

You are advised to exchange large amounts of cash at one of the exchange offices downtown. The course here is usually much cheaper.

Shops and Shopping

At both bus stations, you can purchase small snacks such as sweets, sandwiches, drinks and baked goods. Magazines and tobacco products are also sold.


Kifissos is located in an industrial area where no hotels can be found. It is recommended to take a taxi to one of the more central and tourist-friendly areas of Athens such as Plaka near the Acropolis, Syntagma, Monastiraki or Thiseio and stay overnight. The taxi ride costs around 12-15 euros.

The nearest hotel is about 2 kilometers from the bus terminal.

The same recommendation applies to Liosion Bus Station as there are hardly any hotel options near the station. This is a residential area and not the best place to stay. 

Seminar Rooms and Conference Hotels

We will be happy to help you rent seminar rooms for your events or choose a conference hotel that exactly meets your expectations and requirements.

Please consult our M.I.C.E. page or feel free to contact us.


Address: Kifissos Bus Terminal, A / D PAThE 40-100, 104 42 Athens 
Phone: +30 210 512 4910 
Liosion Bus Terminal, Liosion 216, Athens 104 45
Phone: +30 210 831 7186

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