10 Best Things To Do in Piraeus near Athens [with Map]

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If you're planning a trip to Athens, don't forget to explore the nearby port city of Piraeus. 

Just a short distance from the capital, the coastal town of Piraeus offers a wealth of cultural, historical, and recreational activities. From traditional quarters and museums to culinary delights, beaches and excursions to the islands around Athens, Piraeus is definitely worth a visit.

In this article, we've compiled a list of the top 10 things to do in Piraeus, so you can make the most of your visit.

Let's dive in and discover all that this bustling coastal town has to offer!

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1. Archaeological Museum of Piraeus

Piraeus Archaeological Museum Athens Tourist Information

The Archaeological Museum of Piraeus is dedicated to the history and development of the important port city of Piraeus. Archaeological finds, sculptures, reliefs, ceramics, grave monuments and seafaring objects can be seen. Also worth mentioning are the ruins of the ancient theater of Zea, dating from the 2nd century BC, which can be admired from the museum courtyard.

2. Piraeus Cruise Port

On a Cruise Athens Tourist Information

With more than 20 million passengers annually, the cruise port of Piraeus is the largest and most important port in Greece. Just 10 kilometers from the center of Athens, it is easy to get to with the connection to the metro network. 

Numerous ferry services start from here and can take you to the Saronic Islands, the Cyclades, the East Aegean Islands and Crete, to name just a few. There are also many shops, cafes and restaurants as well as hotels directly at the port area.

  • For more information about the terminals, ferry routes, timetable and more, read our complete guide to the cruise port of Piraeus.

3. Day Trips to the Greek Islands

Andros Island Athens Tourist Information

At the port of Piraeus you can board a ferry and after a wonderful sea trip you can visit the Greek islands near AthensSuch day tours are one of the most popular experiences. You can easily spend the whole afternoon on a Greek island, cooling off in the sea when the weather is nice or relaxing on the beach. Day trips to the Saronic Islands, Santorini and Mykonos are particularly popular.

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4. Hellas Liberty Floating Museum

Ship Ropes Athens Tourist Information

Hellas Liberty Floating Maritime Museum in the port of Piraeus offers interesting insights into seafaring and the naval history of Greece. Aboard one of the world's last three remaining Liberty ships, you can explore the ship's various cabins and rooms, as well as view a naval exhibit.

5. Hellenic Maritime Museum

Ancient Greek War Ship Athens Tourist Information

Another impressive museum of Greek maritime history is the Hellenic Maritime Museum at Zea Marina. An extensive collection with over 2,500 exhibits sheds light on the past of the important seafaring nation. Among other things, maps, weapons, nautical instruments, ship models, paintings and furniture are shown.

6. Theater 

Hellenic Cosmos Theater Athens Tourist Information

A popular stage in Piraeus is the Dolphinarium Menandreio Theater, which is an open-air theater with a wide variety of shows. Another highlight is the Municipal Theater of Piraeus, which is of great importance for the cultural life of the locals with its theatrical and musical performances.

7. D-Marin Zea

D-Marin Zea Marina connects directly to Piraeus. The luxury marina boasts maritime restaurants, cafes, tennis courts and a swimming pool. There are also plenty of shopping opportunities, with a number of boutiques and shops to be found here. Culture lovers can visit the Hellenic Maritime Museum. A number of ferries to Greek islands, including the Saronic Islands depart from here.

8. Beaches

Vouliagmenti Beach Athens Tourist Information

Even if Piraeus has a direct connection to several islands thanks to its port, you don't have to go far. Piraeus boasts its own beaches where you can sunbathe and swim. The most popular beach is Riviera Beach. Also worth mentioning is Votsalakia Beach and Freatida Beach, right next to the Marina.   

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9. Greek Cuisine

Mezedes Athens Tourist Information

With a seafront location, Piraeus offers countless restaurants serving delicious Greek cuisine based on fresh fish and seafood. The restaurants at the harbor are particularly beautiful and offer a magnificent view of the sea. One recommendation, for example, is the Pisina, where you can watch the ferries go by in a relaxed ambience and delicious food.

10. Churches

Agia Triada Church Athens Tourist Information

Piraeus is also home to beautiful Greek Orthodox churchesThese include the Church of Ieros Naos Agia Triada, not far from the Municipal Theater, which boasts a majestic exterior but an equally impressive and ornate interior. Another lovely church is the 19th-century Church of St. Nicholas, which can be found next to the Archaeological Museum of Piraeus and is richly decorated.

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