15 Trendiest Clubs and Bars in Athens [with Map]

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Athens' nightlife is known far beyond its borders.

Greeks like to go out, and for some the night only begins when others are already going to sleep. Athens offers something for every taste.

Here we have put together a small selection of taverns, clubs and bars.

1. Ama Laxei

Ama Laxei is located on Kallidromou Street in Exarcheia district, about 35 minutes walk from Syntagma Square. The tavern is particularly popular with young people, artists and intellectuals, and politics is often discussed in the casual, relaxed atmosphere. The large courtyard is adorned with bougainvillea and palm trees. Traditional Greek live music accompanies the evening.

The food is Greek traditional with an innovative approach and a wide range of seafood, meat, traditional mezze and Greek wines.

Address: Ama Laxei, Kallidromiou 69, Attica 10683 Athens

2. The Old Tavern of Psarras

In the middle of Plaka, below the Acropolis, lies the tavern Palia Taverna tou Psara, also known as the “Old Fisherman's Tavern”. It is considered to be one of the oldest taverns in Plaka, having been serving guests here since 1898. Housed in two old, opposite mansions, the pedestrian zone in between is used as an outdoor area in summer. Warm colors, wooden floors and an impressive fireplace create a cozy atmosphere inside.

Contrary to what the name might suggest, the cuisine is not limited to fish, but offers a wide range of Greek dishes. Greek live music plays daily, and the audience includes politicians and artists.

Address: Palia Taverna tou Psara, Erotokritou & Erechtheos 16, Athens 105 56

3. Stamatopoulos Tavern

The traditional tavern on the narrow, winding street in Plaka was founded in 1882 when grandfather Stamatopoulos opened a grocery store that also served wine. It has been in operation as a regular tavern since 1965.

The live Greek music makes it easy to forget that the long tables arranged in rows actually don't offer enough privacy. The atmosphere is cozy relaxed, the cuisine as you would expect from a taverna, traditional Greek.

Address: Stamatopoulos Tavern, Lysiou 26, Athens 105 58

4. Gazarte

With a total of 6 stages regularly hosting live performances, Gazarte bills itself as the cultural hub of Athens. Live performances are regularly held on the rooftop terrace with views of the Acropolis and panoramic views across Athens, with major concerts taking place on the main stage.

There is finger food to eat, and the cocktails stand out with an often interesting combination of fresh fruit and interesting spices.
Located near the metro station of Keramikos, Gazarte is easily accessible.

Address: Gazarte, Voutadon Strasse 32- 34, Athens

5. Baba Au Rum

Voted the best cocktail bar in Athens and the only bar in Greece to be included in the list of the 50 best bars in the world, Baba Au Rum has one of the most outstanding rum collections in Europe. When the bar opened in 2009, owner Thanos Prunarus was seen as a pioneer, as the cocktail scene was still in its infancy at the time. Today, in addition to classic drinks whose recipes date back to the 19th century, modern cocktails mixed with the latest techniques and homemade syrups and bitters are offered here.

The atmosphere is relaxed, the audience is mixed and includes all ages. Its location near Monastiraki also makes the bar easily accessible.

Address: Baba Au Rum, Kleitiou 6, 105 60, Athens

6. A for Athens

The rooftop bar of the hotel of the same name offers a breathtaking view of the Acropolis. Refreshments and cocktails, known for their harmonious combination of interesting ingredients, are served in the elegant surroundings until the early hours of the morning while guests enjoy the view.

A for Athens is right next to the Monastiraki metro station, very close to the Psirri and Plaka nightlife areas.

Address: A for Athens, 2-4, Miaouli Str., Monastiraki, Athens

7. Drunk Sinatra

This cocktail bar is decorated in a vintage style, the walls are decorated with photos of Frank Sinatra, you can hear jazz and swing, the cocktail menu is innovative. During the day you can enjoy a coffee and small snacks here. Especially on warm summer evenings, Drunk Sinatra is a very popular meeting place for young and old, the tables are then simply placed on the sidewalk.
Located near the Syntagma metro station, Drunk Sinatra is easy to get to.

Address: Drunk Sinatra, Thisseos 16.10562, Athens

8. Seven Times

Located very close to the Monastiraki metro station in the nightlife district of Psirri, Seven Times offers entertainment for a wide audience. During the day there is coffee and drinks here, in the evening popular hits from the 70s, 80s and 90s are played, disco, which many still have in their ears like yesterday.
The atmosphere is casual and relaxed, all age groups are represented.

Address: 7 Times, Miaouli 13, Athens 105 54

9. Dybbuk

Lovers of techno and deep house are in the right place at Dybbuk. Dybbuk is also described as a "dance theater" as it offers a dynamic combination of music and spectacle. Well-known DJs from all over the world set the rhythm on the decks and always impress with great house music. It is open until the early hours of the morning, but the club is closed during the summer months.

Address: Dybbuk, 7 Stadiou, Athens, 105 62

10. Lohan Athens Nightclub

The nightclub is owned and named after American actress Lindsay Dee Lohan. Since it opened in 2016, trend-conscious young people in particular have been drawn to the mega club, which hires international DJs. Pink-colored illuminated flowers, smoke and confetti cannons, sparklers and light shows promise extravagant entertainment that can be described as a little decadent, loud and uninhibited.

Address: Lindsay Lohan Athens Nightclub 30, Iera Odos 32, Athina 104 35

11. The Speakeasy

No matter how many times you walk past the old door of this shabby building, those who don't know that behind it is a popular underground bar will never find it. You have to ring the doorbell to get in. The style is 1930's and reminiscent of Prohibition-era secret bars.
Fabulous cocktails are served with swing and jazz.

Address: The Speakeasy, Lekka 12, Syntagma, Athen

12. The Bank Job

The Bank Job is considered one of the best cocktail bars in Athens. The historical building in the center of Athens used to be the stables of King Otto. Today, three friends run a bar that cleverly combines classic glamor with modern avant-garde. Inspiring cocktails are served in a casual atmosphere. Open from the late afternoon until the early hours of the morning, you can start or end the evening here.

Address: The Bank Job, Kolokotroni 13, 10562, Athens

13. Ippopotamos

Between Kolonaki and Exarchia, the Ippopotamus occupies the ground floor of a 20th-century neoclassical building. It is considered to be the oldest still operating rock bar in Athens. Since opening in 1978, it has attracted artists, intellectuals and students from the nearby university. Its vintage decoration gives the feeling of being in a summer theater.

Jazz, blues, rockabilly, soul and funk music is played, the atmosphere is casual and relaxed.
Of the cocktails, the Margarita is particularly recommended.

Address: Ippopotamos, Delfon 3B, 1680, Athens

14. Mauros Gatos

Mauros Gatos is an authentic street bar in the Exarchia district, open from early morning until late at night. In a relaxed atmosphere, locals drink their coffee here in the morning, while drinks and cocktails are served in the evening. Small snacks from Greek cuisine are on the menu. Rock, blues and jazz are played in the evenings.
By the way, when translated, Mauros Gatos means “The Black Cat”.

Address: Mauros Gatos, Koletti Str. 42, 10682, Athens

15. Rockwood

Rockwood is right in the heart of Athens next to the Archaeological Museum and just 5 minutes from Victoria Metro Station. Here you will find a rich selection of beers, 185 types, including all Greek ones. Spirits and cocktails are also offered. Soul, funk and rock are played, and there is live music on the weekends. The atmosphere is relaxed and small snacks are on the menu.

Address: Rockwood, Vasileos Irakliou 2 & Patision 46, Athens 106 82

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