The Perfect Teambuilding Event in Athens

Athens Tourist Information has just the right event for everyone, from a beach Olympics, a Trikke tour to dance classes, everything is possible. 

Which Teambulding Event is Right for Your Team?

A successful teambuilding event not only makes your employees feel appreciated, it can also be crucial in increasing motivation, optimizing the work atmosphere as well as integrating new colleagues into existing teams. 

Personal communication is an often underestimated factor. Especially for employees who have to deal with everyday stress or even work in a home office. 

We will be happy to review your needs with our experts and send you a non-binding and customized offer within 24 to 48 hours. We can organize events for all group sizes, including conferences.

Full Service Agency

With Athens-Tourist-Information, the entire accompanying program can be organized from a single source. As a full-service agency, we can take care of everything from group transfers from the airport in Athens to the conference hotel and catering

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What Do I Need to Know Before Booking?


Payment is based on factors such as the event booked, materials used and the number of participants. Small events can be paid on the spot. Larger events often require a deposit. Contact us and we will provide you with all the details without obligation.


It is often possible to cancel small events on short notice. For larger events this is more difficult, as partners often have to do some preliminary work. Because of this, cancellation fees may apply in the case of last-minute cancellations on the part of our partners.


We organize any necessary materials, supplies, games in the meeting room or similar things. The appropriate clothing should be provided by your participants. Protective clothing for paintball is provided by our partners. The appropriate clothing underneath, which may also get dirty, should be brought by your participants. This also applies to survival parks, climbing walls and other outdoor events. Of course, we will let you know in advance about the necessary, recommended clothing.


If you wish, teambuilding events that take place outdoors can also be held in the rain.

However, this is not possible in case of storm, thunderstorm or hail. In such cases, there would inevitably be a cancellation of outdoor events.

Whether cancellation fees will be charged for this depends on the implementing partner. After your request, we will gladly inform you in advance about all conditions. 

Indoor events are of course not affected by bad weather.


The maximum number of participants depends on the location you have booked. We organize teambuilding events for large events upon request. 

It is possible that participants are divided into several groups during an event. This applies, for example, to a climbing course, because of space limitations, only a limited number of people can climb at the same time.


For some particular teambuilding events, such as paintball, there may be a required legal minimum age. Therefore, if apprentices or students are participating in such an event, parental consent may be required.

Outdoor events often have restrictions in terms of accessibility. Climbing routes, for example, are not accessible at ground level. We are happy to take care of the arrangement of barrier-free events. 


Classic or Customized?

Get inspired by our 10 best sellers in Athens. We also implement special requests.

1. Hunt for Street Food

Track down some delicious treasures and help your team win the street food race.

2. Beach Olympics

Enjoy a fun day at the beach, play fun games where you compete with your colleagues and build community spirit in a unique way!

3. Tour of Athens: Greek Mythology

Ancient myths come to life in a live show on the streets of Athens!

4. Who Will Save Athens?

In this team building event, you will slip into different roles inspired by Greece. Together you will have to save Athens from doom...

5. Acropolis Museum: The Ancient Mystery

A museum visit of a different kind! Find and decipher the last part of Socrates' speech in the important Acropolis Museum.

6. Feel Like Dancing? 

Then maybe it's time to join a dance class with Greek music!

7. Trikke Tour

Ride an electric trikke while exploring Athens. Anyone with a sense of adventure can ride the 3-wheeled electric vehicle!

8. Road Rally in an Off-Road Vehicle

Experience the beautiful countryside of Greece on a road rally in an off-road vehicle. Divided into teams, surprises await you at the checkpoints....

9. Workshops

Workshops are a popular indoor event. They encourage collaboration and creativity in a completely new environment. There are several options to choose from, such as a comic workshop or cooking classes.

10. Classics

We can also plan classics like karaoke, a climbing park, Highland Games or paintball. We also organize individual teambuilding events.

The Purpose of Team Building

In a hectic workday, there is usually never enough time to get to know colleagues and build a strong sense of community. 

However, nurturing relationships are important, especially in a successful business.

Successful team building events sharpen mutual awareness. Team spirit leads to good communication. Even shy people or outsiders can be integrated into the team at the right event.

A new basis for conversation often brings colleagues closer together even long after the event. Another bonus is that events break up long meetings. 

We are happy to help you choose the perfect team building events.

From One Source

  • Complete Accompanying Program from the transfer, starting with the bus from the airport, to hotels, event locations and catering, everything is possible.
  • 24 Hour Support: The event lasts until the early hours of the morning? No problem. We are available around the clock during your teambuilding event in Athens for all possible queries.
  • Individual Consultation: After examining your requirements, we will send you a customized offer within 24 to 48 hours.

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We are happy to talk about your expectations. Contact is possible by phone on 0850 433 88 66, E-mail to or contact form. 

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