15 Authentic Restaurants with Local Cuisine in Athens [with Map]

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If you are in Athens, of course you want to try Greek cuisine and especially the Athenian cuisine. Although many Greeks now prefer the cosmopolitan food of foreign eateries, there is still a rich selection of authentic restaurants that serve original Greek cuisine.

We have put together a small selection for you below.

1. Oikeio

This restaurant has one Michelin star, which means that it is definitely worth a detour. It is considered one of the most popular restaurants in Kolonaki. Oikeio translates as "homey" and the tavern lives up to its name. The decor is cozy, pictures on the walls, flowers, floor lamps, and reminiscent of a bistro, with tables simply placed on the sidewalk in the summer.

Down-to-earth dishes from Greek and Mediterranean cuisine are prepared with fresh ingredients and organic olive oil in new variations every day, vegetarian dishes are also available. The stuffed zucchini is especially recommended.

Address: Oikeio, 15 Ploutarchou Street, Athens 106 75.

2. Pisina

Located right in Piraeus, Pisina scores with its relaxed and casual atmosphere. The view of the harbor is stunning, boats leisurely passing by, yachts dangling at anchor, gentle waves, the masts in the light of the setting sun, the gentle lapping of the water in the background....

The cuisine is Greek international. If you like, just have a drink at the bar, which overlooks the swimming pool.

Address: Pisina, Akti Themistokleous 25, Pireas 185 37.

3. Orizontes

At the top of Lycabettus, Athens' 277-meter city hill, Orizontes welcomes you with a spectacular view of the city. In good weather, you can even see as far as Piraeus. Orizonts can be reached by funicular, which runs about every 30 minutes.

The cuisine is Greek Mediterranean with flavors from all over Greece. The feta cheese from Epirus, served in a pastry with thyme honey, is especially recommended.

Address: Orizontes, Aristippou 1, Athens 106 76.

4. "Greek Creative Cuisine"

Greek cuisine redefined, ingeniously prepared and lovingly decorated. This is how the Greek Creative Cuisine presents itself to its guests. Brick walls, open kitchen, wooden chairs, not too much decor at all, yet the interior is cozy and the atmosphere familiar, which is further emphasized by the warmth of the hosts.

The very greatest value is placed on fresh ingredients, and vegan dishes are also available.

Address: Greek Creative Cuisine, Taki 16 Psirri, Athens 105 54

5. Arhaion Gevsis

If you want to eat the way the ancient Greeks once ate, Arhaion Gevsis is the place for you. The restaurant in the stone vaulted cellar in Psyrri not only presents Greek cuisine, but the interior is also designed accordingly. The waiters are dressed as in ancient times, you will look in vain for a fork on the table, wine is drunk from cups.

The cuisine is original Greek, in summer it is served in the cozy courtyard. An extraordinary experience of Greek culture....

Address: Arhaion Gevsis , 6 Agion Anargiron St. Psirri, Athens.

6. Yoleni's Greek Gastronomy Center

Wine, wine and more wine. No matter where you look, your eye stays glued to a shelf, a wall board or a wall ledge filled with wine bottles. Massive wooden tables with black metal chairs sit in the middle of the wine racks, simple light fixtures dangle from the ceiling, but the wine bottles are cleverly illuminated with spotlights and define the interior.

The cuisine is Greek Mediterranean, traditional recipes are spiced up with a touch of modernity and thus redefined. If you feel like it, you can follow cooking instructions and recipes on video.

Address: Yoleni's Greek Gastronomy Center, 9 Solonos St Kolonaki, Athens 106 71.

7. Kiouzin

Rustic and cozy, Kiouzin presents itself on a Kolonaki side street very close to St. Dionysus Church, with simple wooden tables and chairs, colorful patterns on the walls, a vase of flowers on each of the tables set with simple water glasses and ceramic dishes. The bicycle dangling from the ceiling conveys vintage charm. Live music is played on weekends.

Greek Mediterranean cuisine is cleverly modified with modern components without losing its original character.

Address: Kiouzin, Likavittou 16 Kolonaki, Athens 10673

8. Sense Athens

Sense Athens is located on the seventh floor of the AthensWas Hotel. The rooftop terrace offers such a stunning view of the Acropolis that every corner of the restaurant seems to be a postcard backdrop in the middle of which the diner sits. It is said to be the only restaurant so close to the famous structure.

Chef Alexandros Charalambopoulos serves Greek cuisine at the highest level, redefining familiar flavors and preparing them in a modern way in sophisticated creations. By the way, the herbs for the dishes are grown on the roof terrace.

Address: Sense Athens, Dionysiou Areopagitou 5, Athina 117 42.

9. Telemachos

The magnificent crystal chandelier is the eye-catcher of this Syntagma steakhouse. It is accompanied by imposing mirrors, comfortable leather furniture, and nostalgic retro details that altogether create a charming, urban atmosphere. 

Steak lovers are in for a treat at Telemachos, with everything from Greek beef from natural traditional farming to American Black Angus and Italian Fassona Piemontese on offer. It is prepared in special Josper ovens. The extensive wine list holds more than 200 varieties.

Address: Telemachos, Panepistimiou 10 Venizelou Eleftheriou, Syntagma, Athens 10671

10. Papadakis

Papadakis is located on the foothills of the city's Lycabettus hill in the heart of Athens. The elegant fine-dining restaurant offers Greek cuisine with an emphasis on fish and seafood.

Chef Argiro Barbarigou, who is also a cookbook author and considered the most popular television chef in Greece, says her mother taught her not only the techniques but also the soul of Greek cuisine. Papadakis has hosted celebrity guests such as Jean Paul Gauthier, Carla Bruni and Pierce Brosnan.

Address: Papadakis, 15 Fokilidou, Athens 106 73.

11. To Treno sto Rouf - Wagon Restaurant & Wagon

Old wagons of the Orient Express have been converted into a restaurant. The atmosphere is mystical, wooden tables, dim lighting, the large train windows on both sides of the wagon, the tables for 2 or 4 people arranged in a row, just like in the old days when the Orient Express used to travel.

Theatrical and musical performances and art exhibitions accompany guests during their dinner. The theater cars become a lively scene with the showmen, who knows what can happen on a train... Feels like being in a movie. The cuisine is Greek Mediterranean.

Address: "Rouf "Railway Station, Konstantinoupoleos Ave. & Amfipoleos Str., Athens 118 54

12. Dexameni

Dexameni is an open-air eatery in Kolonaki, retro tables and chairs are set up on the two wide sidewalks separated by a pedestrian walkway, only the kitchen is housed in a small stone building. The crowd is mixed at all times of the day, old men read their newspaper here in the morning, students and businessmen come to Dexameni as well as families. Children play all day until late at night.

The menu offers a seemingly endless selection of mezes and taverna dishes, with ouzo or a light white house wine to drink. Vegetarian dishes are also offered.

Address: Dexameni, Plateia Dexamenis, Athens 106 73.

13. Barbounaki Kolonaki

BARBOUNAKI BY PAPAIOANNOU is a casual restaurant chain that has several locations in Athens. According to the owners, their philosophy is "quality fish for everyone." The ambiance is uncomplicated and relaxed, decorated in a fisherman's style.

The restaurant in Kolonaki also offers a great view of the church of St. Isidore. The menu includes fresh fish, grilled octopus, marinated anchovies, sea urchins, mussels, shrimp and much more. Barbounakş Kolonaki is famous for its delicious house wine. By the way, "Barbounaki" means "small red mullet" in Greek.

Address: 39B Charitos Kolonaki, Athens 106 75

14. ALL Senses

Glyfada is the elegant and luxurious suburb of Athens, located right by the sea. Here you will find ALL Senses, which, as the name suggests, appeals to all the senses of the guest. The room is uniquely designed, has exactly one table and can seat 12 guests. These are taken on an unforgettable journey by award-winning Danish chef Ronny Emborg with his "Odyssey Menu." The 24 dishes of the menu are served with precisely matched wines as well as with the appropriate music, projections complete the picture. Thus, the guest practically travels through seasons and places.

The cuisine emphasizes local ingredients and scores with the simplicity of the preparations, raw food and slow food are in the foreground.

Address: All Senses, Lazaraki 12, Glyfada, 166 75 Athens.

15. Ydria

Ydria is located in the heart of Athens' historic core, below the Acropolis and next to the ancient Agora in the Plaka district. Furnished like a traditional taverna, the restaurant offers Greek and Mediterranean cuisine redefined with modern components.

The seafood in particular is famous, and not for nothing, as Ydria means "water" in ancient Greek.  In the summer, dining takes place in the spacious courtyard, which resembles a huge garden with its many trees and flowers.

Address: Ydria, Adrianou 68 Eolou St., Plaka, Athens 105 56

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